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Eugene & Crystal H.

Corporate Cleaning

Switching over to Lighthouse saved us a lot of time, and a lot of money, and it has been the best piece of technology for our business in 18 years. We absolutely love it!

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As your small business grows and you take on more customers, scheduling becomes significantly more complex. Crystal and Gene at Corporate Cleaning learned firsthand that paper-and-pen schedules could not keep up with their operational needs as the company grew. In fact, manual scheduling took time away from focusing on their customers, as well as their own family. They decided to put down the paper and pen and instead use field service software to manage operations and communicate with their team. Corporate Cleaning uses Lighthouse 360 to easily manage schedules, payments, invoices, job details, and so much more. Now Crystal and Gene have time to spend on their customers – and each other.


Mike L.

Bug Zappers

What I like about Lighthouse is that we can schedule our recurring appointments as needed, it’s in real time. If I make a change in the office, it changes the technician’s phone immediately.

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As many field service professionals know, it can be difficult to manage schedules and effectively communicate with your team when the majority of your time is spent outside the office. Before using Lighthouse 360, the Bug Zappers team spent countless hours calling into the office to manually reschedule appointments, update customer information, and access job details. Mike knew there had to be a better way and decided to try field service software. By using Lighthouse 360, Bug Zappers has saved time, providing the team with access to schedules, estimates, job details, customer data, and more – all while they are on the go.